The Rule – A Documentary

There is a wonderful article in the City Journal, It’s Hard to be Saints in the City, on a new documentary on a preparatory school for minorities run by the Benedictines in Newark. Malanga writes:

Decades later, St. Benedict’s is still there, and its recent history is a remarkable story of educational success under extraordinarily challenging circumstances. The Rule, a documentary by Marylou and Jerome Bongiorno opening this Friday in New York and next week in Los Angeles, recounts the improbable tale of priests and brothers living under a nearly 1,500-year-old monastic code, and the Newark kids whose lives they have transformed.

The monks shape the whole learner by not only inculcating them with a great intellectual inheritance but also situating them within a community bound by obligations, to themselves, other students, teachers, and, in turn, their family:

“How do I measure success?” he asks. “You’re able to graduate St. Benedict’s, have a mortgage, deal with your marriage, deal with your family, stick it out. How do I measure success? I got a father working with his son, in his son’s life.”


Indeed. The Rule opens this Friday, September 5, at Quad Cinemas, Manhattan, on September 12th at the Laemmle Encino, Los Angeles, and airs nationally on PBS starting September 25.

h/t: Ellen of Tasmania


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